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Valentine’s Day: Trashy or Classy?

Guest post by COL1972, the only private fashion label that gives a portion of proceeds back to the pro-life movement.

Can’t a girl go anywhere without bumping into some sort of lingerie-decorated aisle or red-rose sunglasses? The entire month of January we seem to be bombarded with merchandise screaming relationships, dates, and even… sex?

Now, if you’re anything like me you will immediately note this as oversexualization of our culture: the corruption of a once beautiful holiday into an excuse to have casual sex more than usual. And to be honest, that’s not appealing to so many women of our generation. But what if, instead of ignoring the over-sexualization of this holiday, we took it as an opportunity to stand for the fact that we are pro-woman, pro-life, and pro-chastity?

Culture of Life has a mission to “breathe life into the fashion industry until 100% of brands are life-obsessed!” What more important time to do this than Valentines Day, when stores like Victoria Secret (which we know donates to Planned Parenthood) are having their hottest sales of the year?

Culture of Life Fashion is taking this opportunity to have a special “Valentines Day Shop” where you can find beautiful, flattering clothes and accessories that don’t compromise your morals or cause you to cringe.

Their “Beating Heart” sweater is perfect for a cozy day in or a colder night on the town, and their “Little Red Dress” or Sophisticated Red Skirt might be just what you are looking to wear for a Valentine’s Day date night!

 As promoters of a culture of life we have to remember that not only do we oppose abortion, we must promote life. This includes not just defending the unborn but also doing our part to live a chaste and virtuous lifestyle.

Because guess what? Living a chaste life is glamorous. There’s something liberating in knowing that you as a woman are living out your life in beauty and purity and not being a slave to your passions.

There’s something enchanting and mysterious in a woman who has enough confidence in herself to not need the momentary ‘validation’ casual sex might give her. And, obviously, what you wear reflects who you are!

Here at Culture of Life Fashion, this is our whole mission! During this month leading up to Valentine’s Day, maybe show a friend the Culture of Life Fashion webpage. Take some time to appreciate the beauty of femininity, fashion and faith and use that to fill the “Valentine’s Day Culture” not with over-sexualization, but with beautiful, classy style that shows the world Whose you are.

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