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This small act helps my child know my heart is always with her

Every time a mama watches her child walk away, she feels a piece of her heart walk away too; and wherever a mama’s babies go, a piece of her heart goes with them.

Sometimes, a baby needs her mama’s heart to stay a little closer–especially when their hearts can’t be together.


For four years, a very special little girl and I have been sharing a tradition together.
We named it “heart-to-heart”.

And on those days, when she needs the extra-special reminder that my mama-heart will be with her wherever she goes, we draw the hearts–one on each of our wrists.

Some days, two.

Whatever she needs, I make sure she gets. Whatever it takes to ease her whirling mind and heavy heart–so she knows just how much I love her–no matter the distance apart.

Hearts together even when apart

Last week, she needed that heart more than ever. Summer ended, school started, and our almost year-and-a-half within hugging distance, had come to an end.

But, after 16 months together, home as a family, and seeing her sisters needing that extra love too, she decided to let them each join in on our little secret.

One-by-one, and wrist-by-wrist, we drew the hearts. Sometimes, different colors. Sometimes, someone gets two, or a little being’s heart might be just a smidgen bigger than her sisters’.

But, as simple an act as it is, it leaves us with such a simply beautiful reminder throughout the day–a piece of a mama’s heart goes with her babies wherever they go, and she will always hold her children’s hearts as close as she possibly can.

For only God could create a love so selfless, protective and whole than that of a mother’s–a pure reflection of the exact same kind of love provided by her Heavenly Father Above.

Originally posted on Gracefully Woven. Used with permission.

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