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These are the things parents say to get (or do with) their child instead of gifts this Christmas

As much fun as toys are for kids, they can drive up the wall. If I have to pick up one more toy that has broken five minutes after my kids got it, I’m going to lose my mind. There are toys everywhere, even though we’ve donated boxes of them.

So we asked our readers what are some good things to get their kids – or do with their kids – this Christmas season that are not gifts and here’s what they said.

Spend quality time with them

“I’d like to pass around a 2022 calendar at Thanksgiving and say pick a date to spend special time with my children. That’s what they need the most — memories, not toys that will collect dust.” ~ Erin

“Play a board game with them.” ~ Brittany

“Read a special book with them.” ~ Amanda

“Come play with him. Spend time with him, have a conversation with him, read him a book. Gifts aren’t important. Time is.” ~ Kathleen

“Have a sleepover, take them out for dessert. Play games.” ~ Nicole


“Experience type gifts. Season passes to the zoo, a trip to the indoor water park. That kind of gift.” ~ Laura

“Museum or zoo membership. Gift card for movies, trampoline park etc.” ~Tiffany

“Maybe a gift certificate for one of her horseback riding lessons for that she loves or one of her skating lessons.” ~Tracie

“Subscriptions to learning activities! Tickets to local venues.” ~Heather

“Honestly my kids would be excited to make cookies or play games. If you brought over a craft and did it with them it would be the best day ever!” ~ Maggie

“A membership to a museum. A subscription box (lovevery, kiwi), a learning or book app, & for the bigger ones gift card to get hair cuts, braids, pay for them to be enrolled in a sport or extracurricular activity.” ~ Dora

“I’d go for a month or two of piano/dance classes covered.” ~Emily

“Theme park passes for 2022.” ~ Leanne

Needed items

“My boys need a new bunk bed.” ~ Kirsten

“Homeschool curriculum books!” – Jen

Financial help

“Help the parents with school fees and stationary fund towards their education via trust fund.” ~ Yolanda

“A trust fund that matures at age 25 that the child has to show proof of completion of certain financial literacy, budgeting, investment, and taxation courses or seminars to receive payment.” ~ Ebonni

“Gift cards to their favorite places like Urban Air, Chuck E Cheese, Bowling, etc….Or a check for their savings account!” ~ Michele

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