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The Truth about Abby Johnson

I think it’s time that some all telling truth gets revealed. 

You see, she can be a somewhat of a controversial public figure, especially in today’s society. Her boldness that she refuses to sugar coat can often be misunderstood. Yes, for those who don’t know the real Abby, she can be incredibly misunderstood. 

But if you’re lucky enough to be like me and have spent any amount of time with her and are privileged to know the real Abby Johnson, you realize that God has blessed this woman and hand picked her to be on the front lines in His army. 

Abby has these multidimensional phases about her that greets you with such a genuine concern, while also not being afraid to share the Truth (mind you, not her truth but God’s Truth) – because that’s what people do who love you: they have the hard conversations and share the Truth with you even when it’s the hardest.  

When Abby first became my partner at The Real Deal of Parenting and we finally got to meet in person, everyone asked me, “So … what is Abby Johnson really like in person?”

A few quick snapshots immediately come to mind: 

She’s hilarious without even trying to be. She’s so down to earth. She’s incredibly kind. She fits right in as if you’ve known each other for decades. She has this aura about her that just oozes genuineness. She’s even prettier (and taller) in person.  She’s humble, extremely humble. Did I mention she’s hilarious? She’s a great story teller. She’s an even better listener. She’s gives unapologetic advice without judging for a single second. She’s one of the most compassionate humans I’ve ever met who continuously shares her insurmountable pillar of strength. 

Abby’s publicist the last four years, but who has worked with her over the last decade, shared, “I love Abby because of her extraordinary generosity, courage, thoughtfulness, and faith. And she has a wicked sense of humor.”

Pamela, executive director of one of Abby’s non-profits called ProLove Ministries shared, “I love Abby because she is the most generous person I know to those who are hurting.”

When I was explaining Abby to a few people who had yet to personally meet her, I said, “She’s the woman who would run across a dangerous highway to give a person in need the shirt off her back. She’d then get back in the vehicle and pick right up where she was at in conversation, not wanting to even address the heroic and loving act she just did.” 

That’s Abby. 

That’s not why she does what she does. She doesn’t do the things she does to get a pat on the back. She does the selfless things she does as acts of obedience to her calling from God. It’s become her ministry, a complete daily conviction, to lead with a servant’s heart. This isn’t about her – it’s about Him – and anyone who spends even a short few moments with her can feel that presence, that God given mission about her. 

It’s really incredible to see her doting husband love her more as time passes. Abby and Doug have 8 children together, and it’s suffice to say I’m not sure which of these 9 humans love her more, but when her family was asked why they do, here’s what they had to say: 

Fulton (age 2): “BAH!!!”
Maggie (age 4): “I love my Mommy because I love Mommy.”Lucy (age 4): “I love my Mommy because I want her.”Jude (age 6): “I love my Mommy because she goes to get toys.”Carter (age 7): “I love my Mommy because I like giving her flowers.”Luke (age 8): “I love my Mom because she plays Among Us with me and reads books.”Alex (age 9):  “I love my Mom because she’s sweet and she plays games with me.”Grace (age 14): “I love my Mom because she’s strong and encourages me to be who God wants me to be.”
Her husband Doug, I swear, is more in love with her today than when they first got together almost 16 years ago. 

Abby’s husband, Doug, shared, “What I love about Abby is that she approaches everything with her whole self. Her faith, her family, and her calling to ministry. She loves hard, works hard, and plays hard and there are no deal breakers when it comes to showing others love and compassion. But that doesn’t mean she won’t tell you the truth… even if it’s a hard truth to hear. That and she’s my girl. I can’t imagine sharing this life we’ve built with anyone else.”

Ready for more truth? Many of her friends and employees who work with her in her ministries went on to say the following: 

I love Abby because she looks and hopes for the best in people. – Sarah

I love Abby because she is one of the most generous people I know. – Nichola

I love Abby because she offers hope to those who feel lost. – Mattie

I love Abby because she gives others a chance to live again and feel free. – Neysa

I love Abby because she is a faithful friend. – Karen

I love Abby because she shows the love of Christ in her life and actions. She loves people hard and blesses lives all around her. – Amanda W.

I love Abby because she is 100% her genuine self 100% of the time and gives others the courage to do the same. – Kris

I love Abby because she is a fearless leader and great friend. She gives so much of herself to her ministries, family, and friends. She is truly a remarkable person inside and out. – Kristina M

I love Abby because she humbly walks the path with those who are hurting and generously invests in the people she cares for. – Brandy M

I love Abby because she is selfless and loves on people where they are. She has a humble heart and is the first to jump in and lend a helping hand. – Klara

I love Abby because she is honest and truly cares about every single person around her. – Amanda F

I love Abby because she helped me be free and love God. – Nallely

I love Abby because she serves the kingdom sacrificially. – Jillian

She makes me laugh, she is the truest of friends, and she is the most generous woman I know. – Christy

I love Abby because she loves people, is full of mercy, and wants to see the world changed one person at a time. – Brandy F

She is a fearless leader in this fight for life who is not afraid to speak what God puts on her heart! – Ashley

I love Abby because even when I didn’t believe her at first when she told us she was leaving Planned Parenthood, she embraced me. Her family became my family. We sort of adopted each other. We can laugh, cry, agree and disagree. She strives to seek and speak the truth. I love Abby with her flaws, strengths, gifts and generosity. I love Abby because, well, God told me to. I love you, Abby. – Heather

Happy “25th birthday”, my dear friend. It’s an honor to be able to have you in my life and witness your continuous mission to change this world as you always lead with your compassionate heart, humility, boldness, and sharing of God’s abundant grace. 
I pray everyone has an “Abby” in their life. 

And my biggest testament to you? When I’m with you, I’m standing with an army

Regan Long

Regan Long is a mother of 5, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and paid family leave advocate. Regan founded The Real Deal of Parenting, an online platform that provides heartwarming and witty content to millions of readers worldwide, a large percentage of those being mothers.

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