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The benefits of a small family trip every year

Since I was little, I have traveled every summer from our home in Southern California to Lake Tahoe in Northern California. Each year growing up we would make the same stops, my dad would play the same music as we drove (Jackson Browne, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Buffet) and we would stay at the same cabin every year.

Today, my husband, three kids and I continue to make the pilgrimage with my family pretty much every year. I am fortunate to be able to share these much loved experiences with my family and to see them grow up doing the same things I did as a kid is magical.

Family vacations don’t need to be extravagant or fancy to be memorable. It’s the time spent together that kids will remember.

Being present is key

Going to Tahoe is something that is good for my soul. My husband notices an improvement when I’m there. I become more at peace, content and come home energized. It is where I feel I can let go of a lot of stresses in life. It’s where I sleep my best and where I can beat my family in our vicious game of Spoons.

Tahoe, for us, isn’t about doing a lot. We hangout by the lake, hangout on the porch, go from morning runs, a few hikes, and maybe some exploring . But mostly just relaxing, being present and spending time with the people we love most. And that is the tradition that I enjoy, spending time away from the hustle and rush of daily life to connect with those around you and with nature.

Choose something sustainable to do together

Our traditional family trip is something that is sustainable. We don’t fly on a plane, need a passport or have a daily itinerary. We don’t visit big museums or have a grand cultural experience. We don’t change time zones or have to plan a whole lot before we go. And, overall, it’s not all that different from year to year. We drive in the car for about 7-8 hours to get there and then stay in the same cabin, watch the same movies and play the same card games every year. It is rooted in something that is comforting for our family. It is a foundation of so many other things that happen in life.

I hope we continue this tradition. As the family gets larger it is harder to make time and traveling with kids is never easy, nor particularly relaxing. But building these kind traditions, I firmly believe, is so important as a family. Tahoe has helped us stay rooted, connected and together as a family through all life has thrown at us.

Traditions are wonderful foundations for families

One of the best parts about continuing to travel with my family on our traditional Tahoe trip is sharing what is so important to me with my family. Seeing how my kids grow from year to year, and how it means so much to my parents to continue this tradition with their grandchildren. To see them do what my siblings and I did as kids.

And to share in the sameness, with the newness young children add to traditions.

Do you have a family tradition or trip every summer?

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