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The 5 Types of Friends All Women Need

My family recently took a trip out West to visit the gorgeous Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I am not sure if it was the refreshing mountain air, the break from routine monotony, or the freedom I finally feel from the stronghold of sickness, but I have been having some super random and crazy dreams lately, including one where the actress Cynthia Nixon, who played Miranda Hobbs from Sex & The City, urged me to write about the importance of women and their relationships to each other. Told you they were weird dreams.

But I had been contemplating this idea of the treasured gift of girlfriends. I’ve been blessed to have many of these types of friends who have just made my life such a rich tapestry of friendship.

5 types of girlfriends you need – or may already have

Girlfriends come in many shapes and sizes. It has been said relationships fall into a number of categories. Some for a season, some for a reason and some for a lifetime. Each are meaningful and hold a special purpose in our lives.

The Cheerleader. This is that special friend that always has your back. She encourages and believes in you. She proudly and loudly cheers from the sidelines of life to propel you forward to a winning victory. Even when you feel defeated, she picks you up and provides a much-needed shot of positivity to spur you forward to try again.

The Truth-Teller. This essential friend holds no truth hostage. She gives you the down-and-dirty, whether you want to hear it or not. That relationship you think is your sixth soulmate and has you seeing life in a haze of rose color? This particular friend will tell you point-blank, “He’s not the one; move along, sister.” You may resent her for it at the time, but you will come to thank her later. She reserves the right to humbly say: “I told you so.”. And you agree, infuriatingly vowing to listen – next time.

The Coach. This friend, much like the Cheerleader, authentically desire the very best for you. She is not jealous of your victories. She celebrates with you whole-heartedly as if they were her own. When life gives you lemons, this friend is always there to turn them into lemonade, or perhaps something stronger. She encourages you to take career and relationship chances. She believes in you. And she is always there at the end of every race, whether win or loss, to celebrate or re-calibrate you forward. This is the friend you want in your corner. No woman is stronger than the strongest friend cheering her on from the sidelines, stands or any other platform in your life.

The Sister. This is a truly unique and special relationship. While I have not experienced it biologically, I have a few tried-and-true friends I consider sisters. These women may fight from time to time. But they do not allow a disagreement to fracture the relationship. They talk things out, they forgive, and they come out stronger because of their diverse beliefs. This is the relationship in which you may feel strong angst one minute, but the second a third party messes with your gal, it is full-on warfare. This relationship can be rocky, but is always solid, forever lasting and bonded stronger than gorilla glue. Those sisters we choose are family and family may not always agree, but the love never fails to show up.

The Mother. This is an all-encompassing loving relationship. Much like the sisterhood, there are often disagreements, butting of heads and a silent need to prove who is in charge. Yet, there is never a shortage of belief, encouragement, fighting for, protection, forgiveness, and affection. This is the quintessential relationship. A culmination of all of those previously mentioned. The Agape, most authentic, selfless, sacrificial type of love we may experience on earth. This bond is solid; despite time, distance, disagreement and even death. No relationship can touch that of the Mother with her child.

I have been fortunate to experience all of these relationships. I can tell you exactly which friends fall into which category. I appreciate each relationship for the special gifts they have brought to my life. Life is busy; it can be tragic, it can be beautiful, it can be a culmination of extremes. We sometimes fail to celebrate relationships for what they are, but if you have someone who checks even a quarter of these boxes, you are truly blessed. Hold tight to that hand which selflessly fights for you.

And know that chances are very good you are one (or more) of these special earthly angels to someone in your own life

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