General Info Regarding Submissions

Updated 7-8-20

Things to Remember

  • Use the blue buttons above to send in your content. We receive many submissions and inquiries each day and cannot respond personally to each one. If the form was submitted without an error message, your content is safe in our inbox!
  • Blog posts should be no less than 500 words. A word count of 750 to 1,500 is most desirable.
  • Please follow AP style writing guidelines.
  • Memes and videos should only be submitted in high resolution (nothing grainy, pixelated, or filmed poor lighting or audio).
  • When submitting photos with your posts, please make sure that your submission does not violate any copyright restrictions. 
  • We reserve the right to replace any submitted photos or graphics that accompany your post.
  • Please make sure each submission is authentic, easy to follow, thought-provoking, and written with TRDOP’s target audience in mind.
  • Please do not use the back-end post editor located on the WordPress dashboard.  The TRDOP editorial team will take care of all post uploads, formatting, and publishing.

Housekeeping Items and FAQs

  • We receive many submissions each day and can’t reply to each one. 
  • We may choose to run your piece right away or sometime in the future. 
  • Submitting a piece (regardless of type) does not guarantee publication.
  • We will not email you when your piece runs, but we will tag you on social media. 
  • Please SHARE your published pieces with your social media networks.
  • TRDOP Contributing Bloggers are encouraged to like, share, and comment on TRDOP posts to encourage one another and promote positivity within the community.
  • We truly appreciate your patience and commitment to the TRDOP team.

Questions? Just ask.