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Stop shaming those who choose not to get the vaccine

Ok. Here it goes. Stop. Stop shaming those who chose not to get vaccinated.

As a vaccinated individual it is so important that we let others choose what is best for their bodies. Everyone wants to chant “My body, my choice” until it doesn’t suit them or their agenda. That is called hypocrisy. Another person’s choice of what they eat, drink, and consume is NOT our choice. Neither is the concept of what medical choices they make.

Second opinions are common

For those who post memes saying “What kind of research can I do that’s better than the CDC?” Ummm, tons! There are so many other medical professionals that exist that have done their research for years on respiratory viruses, including Coronavirus. Many medical professionals (who have been censored or stated as “not fact checked” by social media) disagree with the idea of vaccine passports and coronavirus vaccines.

Have you ever sought out a second opinion for a medical procedure because something in your gut just didn’t feel right? Why is this any different? The answer: it isn’t.

Yes, I’m vaccinated and I believe that the vaccine is ineffective. Watch some videos and research approved articles by physicians and other medical professionals on this subject, and I promise you you’ll at least question the effectiveness.

Science is often trial and error

Science is not 100%. Science is not facts. Science is trial and error. Science is experimentation. It is not and never has been exact. It literally can’t be.

So, let’s stop using “I believe in Science” as an excuse to throw your neighbors into witch court. I also believe in science. I believe that it changes and adjusts with every experimentation. I believe that our bodies are extremely fascinating and naturally build immunity over time to most viruses/illnesses. I also believe that that are plenty of other medicines and diets that are already available to help in the fight against this virus. A virus with a 99.1% survival rate.

Think for yourselves, not what the media is telling you to think

Friends, please stop just doing what mainstream media tells you to do.

Question why they are pushing so hard for this. Question why more and more variants are coming out with the amount of people that are vaccinated. Question why there are literal medical reasons for those who many be immune compromised and/or have other medical allergies/issues from receiving the vaccine. If you truly want to help those who are compromised, then wash your hands and do not go near them if you aren’t feeling well.

Masks (especially cloth masks) do not stop nanoparticles from respiratory germs. Check out this video below on this subject and the validity of vaccines.

The CDC can’t make up its mind

When we stop accepting what we’re told by organizations like the CDC and people that have literally retracted their own statements, given contrary advice, and are now trying to further separate an already divided country; that’s when we will finally end this pandemic.

The vaccinated vs. unvaccinated.
Black vs. White.
Blue Lives Matter vs. Black Lives Matter.
Liberal vs. Conservative.

The list goes on. Let’s change the “vs.” to “and.” Lets stand together as a nation of humans and demand that a vaccine passport is against our constitution. It’s a HIPAA violation. It’s against the freedom of choice that so many have fought to have here in the beautiful land of America.

Treating people as outcasts won’t solve anything

Again, I received my vaccine against the coronavirus, but I would never want anyone else to be forced to do something that doesn’t make sense for them and their family. If you’re truly worried about the immune compromised and your fellow man, then forcing your neighbors to be vaccinated or treated as an outcast is the exact opposite of what you’re preaching.

I implore you to also read this article written by a physician in favor of medical choice.

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