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Stop saying children are “resilient.” They are suffering.

“When will they free our children?” I asked a friend.

Her response “When we say so. It’s time to demand it.”

It’s been almost two years since our lives have changed forever. Not just ours though: our children’s.

We’ve got to stop pretending that they’re these resilient robots that just bounce back from trauma without any repercussions. It’s just not true.

As someone who taught for eight years, studied and instructed behavior management techniques, has a Master’s degree in Elementary Education, and is currently researching and implementing gentle parenting strategies. I can assuredly testify that children are not as OK as everyone wants them to be.

Children, very young children, are being bribed to breathe in synthetic fibers daily to
make adults “feel safe.” They are being coerced into thinking that they are heroes for taking an experimental medication that is not only failing to do what it is supposed to do, but it is also taking lives along the way.

Children don’t deserve any of this

Children are not supposed to be heroes. They’re supposed to be children. Adults, we are their protectors. The time is now to demand change.

Children deserve to see each other’s faces when they play.

Children deserve to see the smiles on their teacher’s faces when they enter the classroom.

Children deserve to breathe and live normal lives without judgment from those who believe the lies spewed by corrupt higher ups and organizations.

My child and countless other children I know have been suffering with numerous sinus infections, viruses, and complications from face coverings. Several friends shared pictures of their children’s faces with me. Their faces were scarred with acne and eczema from excessive mask wearing.

This is not okay

When was the last time our kids were allowed to just be kids?

I will admit, I bought into all of the fear at first. I thought the answer to our problems were these experimental “preventions.” I even thought that because someone held a specific title, they wouldn’t lie and allow hundreds of thousands of people to perish.

I. Was. Wrong.

Things just weren’t adding up and I took matters into my own capable hands. I thoroughly researched over dozens of peer reviewed articles. I read and highlighted several books related to the virus we shall not speak of. Every non-biased piece of information that I found led me to my current thoughts.

Children should no longer be wearing masks.

Children should not be injected with these experiments (especially not without true informed consent to their parents/guardians).

Children are not the problem. We need to stop making them feel like they are.

The mental health burden is too much for our children

This virus is treatable. The wounds on our children’s mental health aren’t as easily treated.

They deserve so much more than what they’ve got. It’s time to demand change. It’s time to raid school boards with overwhelming evidence. It’s time to protest in the streets of your neighborhoods.

  • Even if you believe that the experiments work.
  • Even if you believe that your children aren’t affected by the masks.
  • Even if you believe that you made the right choices for your family because you followed the mandated guidelines.
  • Even if one of your friends doesn’t believe that, because someone you care about is being forced to do something to their own body or they will lose their job. One of your favorite nurses was fired because she’s didn’t comply. One child you know is suffering from these mandates.

Together we can stand up to injustice.
Together we can be the change.
Together we can free our children.

The time is now. What side of history do you plan to be on?

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  1. RCH

    Well said! This charade is enough. I also bought into this initially, but over time things were no longer adding up. After researching many areas such as mask efficacy, vaccine efficacy, vaccine safety, vaccine injuries and death, lockdowns, etc., I gave up falling for the nonsense forced on us.

  2. DB

    I find it so sadly ironic that those who think “resiliency” will carry them through this as-is, are the same folks who require the extinguishing of resiliency when their feelings get hurt (over a hang nail).

  3. Sam

    It’s all political.
    It has always been political from the very beginning. It’s time
    to put an end to this insanity. So glad so many more are finally waking up and seeing this for what it truly is. How will we all come together to stop this?

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