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SNL Nailed Christmas Morning for Many, Many Moms

I actually spit out what I was drinking when I saw the SNL skit about Christmas morning. It’s really funny. And a little sad. And fairly truthful.

The skit includes a mom, dad, and two kids and they are singing about what they got for Christmas. Admittedly, it’s a pretty catchy tune.

The kids get a ton of stuff – a hoverboard, hat, drone, phone, rollerblades, a piano you can dance on and it plays like the one from the movie Big, telescope, and Nerf gun.

The dad is thrilled about his stash of gifts, which include an autographed baseball bat, cologne, watch, and tie.

And mom, well, she gets a robe. And that’s all sings about. We even learn it was 40% off, so a heavily discounted one at that.

Even the dog got tons of gifts. And a robe. Of course, all the stockings were full, except for mom’s.

Some comments on the skit were straight arrows to the heart. One user wrote: “That was not a SNL skit, that was a documentary of what happens to millions of moms on Christmas Day.”

Another user wrote, “Funny but I wanna cry. I felt that, as a mom. Sigh.”

Moms, can you relate? Personally, getting gifts isn’t my love language so I’m ok with a lack of gifts for me on any occasion. Being thought of in little ways though is always appreciated. However, let me tell you about a time where this video was my family.

I was probably about 15 or 16 years old and every year my parents (my mom did all the shopping) were very generous for Christmas. My brothers and dad opened presents one by one, all enjoying our gifts and oohing and ahhing over what the other got. Our stockings were always full of thoughtful gifts as well.

And my mom, ever so selfless, didn’t ever walk away with much on Christmas when it came to tangible gifts. But this year, I finally took notice and my heart just sank. I had an odd moment of clarity as a teenager who realized how much her mom had done for her and how little she gave back.

The next Christmas, I shopped for my mom and my brothers and I pooled money to buy her a few gifts that we knew she’d love. It was a beautiful Christmas morning and the joy we got from watching her open the gifts and see the love behind them was boundless.

The meaning of Christmas isn’t about presents but it is an occasion to tell your loved ones you do love them and appreciate them. Even something small and thoughtful can go a long way for a mom who feels all the work she does, and even herself at times, is invisible.

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