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Preventive and Early Treatment Option & a Discount

We have the best news for people who want early and preventative treatment of the COVID virus so read on. This is in no way medical advice. Consult your doctor for professional medical advice.

Tried and tested

People often ask Abby how she was back to 100% after only four days of sickness. Well, we have the answer and we have a discount for our followers. Regan also successfully used this same treatment when she was sick in the beginning of the year.

Better to prepare than be caught with nothing

It’s way better to have meds on hand before you get sick than to try to figure it all out when you do get the virus. Both Regan and Abby have used this treatment to get better and bought these same preventative treatment packages to have on hand if they or their families get sick again.

The amazing guys over at Seven Cells have agreed to give our readers $15.00 off your order if you use the promo code TRDOP.

The Seven Cells anti-viral early treatment pack includes “Ivermectin and Nitaoxanide which are both antiparasitic agents that have been shown to have broad spectrum anti-viral effects. It also contains Methylprednisolone (Medrol) Dosepak, a steroid which relieves inflammation, and Azithromycin (Zpak) pack, a broad spectrum antibiotic.”

Cheaper than an urgent care or hospital visit 

Some of you may say, “Gosh, this is expensive.” But really, it’s not. It’s a lot cheaper than a hospital visit and these meds just aren’t inexpensive anymore. These guys are keeping the cost down as much as they can. So, grab some now before you get sick to have on hand. That is what we have done in our families.

Here’s where to get the early treatment pack. Be sure to use the code “TRDOP” for $15 off your order.

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