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Peter Pan and Dumbo Pulled from Disney Plus: When is Enough, Enough?

When does censorship become the erasure of not only history, but valuable teaching moments?

How are we to display and compare what is right and wrong if only things that are deemed “right” are left to present? There is no light without the darkness.

Are we to erase the history books of Hitler because he was evil and ordered genocide against an entire classification of human beings? Or do we learn from this?

The more we censor, the more we are complying with one narrative; and eliminating diversity/ choice. Isn’t that the exact opposite of what Liberal values are? I thought the point was to celebrate diversity; or is that a double standard not meant for Conservatives?

Double Standard

This type of “Cancel Culture” began with people deeming the song “Baby it’s Cold Outside” as rape culture; while there are literal songs about rape, killing police, and exploiting children that are not attacked. In fact, they are “OK” because they are part of Gang Culture, and therefore excused. Cue the eye rolls.

Now, toys like Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head aren’t allowed to have genders because being a male or female is offensive in the year 2021. Books that reflect the time they were written are being removed from shelves even though they show the evolution of our times; and now Disney movies that have been in circulation for decades such as “Peter Pan” and “Dumbo” are being pulled from the Disney Plus streaming service because they depict stereotypes.

Should “The Sopranos” be taken out of circulation because it displays Italian Americans as mobsters? Should movies and books about Russian and communism be banned too? When will enough be enough?

Stereotypes do not mean accuracy. They are depictions that may or may not be true. When people see shows like “Honey Boo Boo” and others who are considered “White Trash” everyone seems to be just fine with making them feel less than. I don’t see anyone up in arms about cancelling shows like that. Why? Because you can’t get mad and offended when you don’t give it power.

Don’t give it power. That’s all there is to it. Pulling down statues to try to erase their existence, says more about the people pulling them down than about the people behind the statues.

Many early Presidents of the United States were slave owners. Do we take them off of our money? Do we change the history books to show that they didn’t own slaves? Or do we use it as a teaching moment to show our growth as a nation?

When is enough, enough? When do we stop censoring and start accepting that there is more than one right way and one wrong way?

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