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The Real Deal of Motherhood
Cyndi Ferrell

Not counting the sacrifices

How many loads of laundry do you suppose you have folded? Dishes washed? Floors moped? Toilets cleaned? Meals made? Diapers changed? Boo boos kissed? Round

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The Real Deal of Mental Health
Kali Dawson

Dads Also Carry a Mental Load

I was writhing in pain and wailing five words over the phone that no man with a pregnant wife ever wants to hear, “I fell

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The Real Deal of Relationships
Jordan Burchette

The Birthday I’ll Never Forget

It was another bitterly cold day in the mountains. The snow had fallen the night before creating a beautiful white blanket of white across the

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The Real Deal of Relationships
Regan Long

I lost my virginity at age 14

I lost my virginity at age 14.  Yes, a “good, Catholic, wholesome, innocent young girl” who wanted to save herself for marriage.  Looking back as I

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