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Nicole Kidman’s regret: not having a big family

Nicole Kidman, super famous and talented actress, said to Marie Claire that she wishes she could have had a big family: 

“I wish I’d had more children, but I wasn’t given that choice…I would’ve loved 10 kids.”

She has been open about her fertility struggles and miscarriages and if you remember, she was married to Tom Cruise way back when and shares two adopted children with him as well as two with her now-husband, Keith Urban. She gave birth to one of her daughters and used a surrogate for the other.

Family matters more than careers

She’s a well-decorated actress with a long and incredible career. But what matters to her, the regrets she has about not having a large family, is heartbreaking. It’s raw and heartfelt that she admits this, especially given how today’s culture tells women that kids will only hamper their dreams. 

Michelle Williams, another actress (remember Dawson’s Creek?), stood up on a huge stage at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards, while pregnant, and said her success was due to her abortion: “I wouldn’t have been able to do this without employing a woman’s right to choose.”

Babies are more than trophies, Michelle. 

“Stop the wanting”

As for Nicole Kidman, she is happy with the family she does have and all the nieces and nephews that are a part of her life. She says that while she regrets not being able to have a big family, she gets to mother other children, “I have six nieces and nephew and I’m godmother to 12. I love mothering, I love kids: they’re quirky, funny and unfiltered. And then you get to see them grow and send them on their way.” 

We really love what her husband Keith Urban says about their family size though: 

“Keith says, ‘Stop the wanting mind,'” she shared. “It’s far better to be completely in love and satiated with what you’ve been given, what we’ve been given.”

Ah, “stop the wanting mind.” How appropriate that is for so many situations and life experiences. He is so right. And if you hear him say it in his Aussie accent, that makes it just the sweeter.

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