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This new mom’s story of what happened at the hospital is a nightmare

Honestly, we’d probably be in jail if this happened to us .

Tiffany Miller just gave birth to Jaxson a couple days ago. The doctors knew he’d be born with a heart defect and would need specialized care but how the Phoenix Children’s Hospital managed to severely screw up the chain of events is unimaginable.

Scroll through Tiffany’s post and try to keep your cool. We didn’t.

Tiffany updated everyone last night. She STILL is not allowed to see her dear newborn.

tiffsellsaz Thank you all for the love and support!
I do want to be clear that Jaxson has a congenital heart defect called Transposition of the Great Arteries and does NEED to be at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. He will be needing open heart surgery next week. He is being very well taken care of by his CVICU nurses and doctors who we are very appreciative of! We will still be in the hospital for the next 4-5 weeks. I just want to be allowed to be with my son ❤️

Words seriously escape us here. Besides pursuing legal recourse, she’s not getting that time back with Jaxson, those few precious hours right after birth, even the first 48 hours. That time is critical to bonding and so many other key moments between mom and baby. How dare the hospital take that away from her in the name of a faulty COVID test.

How do you even recover from this as a mother? To be separated from your newborn baby for 10 days? What about nursing, what about postpartum depression? What about the mother’s actual rights to be with her child?

There are a lot of choice words we’d like to put here but will refrain from doing. Suffice to say you can guess what they are.

We are praying for Tiffany and Jaxson and that this gets resolved immediately and that she’s able to be with her newborn.

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