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TODAY Validates What Most Moms Have Already Been Feeling for a Year

As if we really need a national news outlet to tell moms that they are feeling burnout. But they did anyways and well, it’s kind of nice to be acknowledged. did an unscientific, but seemingly accurate, online poll where they asked moms how they were feeling in the past year during the pandemic, how much energy they had, how self-confident they were, if they were making sure to take care of themselves, if they were doing the bulk of the housework, etc. More than 1,300 responses were garnered for most off the questions, which is a decent number of responses when you’re trying to make a guess on how a segment of the population is feeling.

Surprising no one, here are some of the results:

  • 83% of those moms surveyed said that they are feeling burnout over pandemic parenting
  • 69% said they felt overwhelmed
  • 60% said they rarely or hardly ever take time to care for their own needs

Moms are Being Crushed with Responsibilities

This may be the most eye-opening and validating stat from the survey though:

83% of moms say they are doing 60 percent or more of the housework or home responsibilities

That’s a lot of responsibility, especially if moms are working. Add it to the fact that more than half of women aren’t taking time for themselves. No wonder we are burnt out.

A mom in New York, Michelle, told, “My mental health was really suffering for a while. Being a parent isn’t easy to begin with, but then add on being contained in a home, limiting social interactions, working full time and taking care of the household.”

We feel this on a deep level. She’s just nails it.

So What Do You Do Now?

Good news is that more than half of survey respondents have hope that next year will be better. But between now and then?

Here are a few suggestions:

Try something different with your kids be it an art project, a new board game, an outdoor garden, or mastering the latest dance craze.

Get outside by making a little outdoor garden, exploring a local park, hiking nearby trails, or swimming or boating at a local lake. Fresh air and experiencing nature does wonders for mental and physical health.

Socialize how you feel comfortable either outside or within a group of friends and family. Those connections are crucial to our well-being.

Be grateful for the people, things, and gifts in our lives.

Use journaling to process different feelings. Write it down, hash it out, and then, if you want, burn it.

How do you combat pandemic parenting?

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