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Moms are having screaming parties because they are over it all

No one needs to tell parents these last two years have been challenging. Crushing, even. And women have taken the brunt of the it. And they are done. Totally over it.

Working moms have had to juggle last minute school cancellations because of COVID exposure and be expected to work with screaming kids in the background. Not to mention continuing to cook, clean, grocery shop, and everything else they do.

Stay at home moms are over the constant pinging of their phones to tell them their kid has been exposed at school and now they are “virtual schooling” at home where kids have to sit in front of a screen all day and be expected to keep up with the school work. Meanwhile, mom is at home trying to take care of the kids, answer schooling questions, and keep the household running.

The list goes on – sports teams practices cancelled, the enormous expense of childcare, total uncertainty of the future, no paid leave left for all the last minute changes of schedules.

Just done

At this point, exhaustion doesn’t even top the list of complaints. It’s like walls are being put up at every point when we think we may have seen a sliver of light after these past couple years. The frustration of all of it is weighing on us.

A group of moms in Boston, Massachusetts got together last week in an open field to just scream and get out their frustrations. Boston moms are likely even more upset given their kids in public schools are freezing because of dumb COVID policies that we recently wrote on.

Scream fest

The mom who organized the event, Sarah Harmon, told a local news outlet, “It was an Arctic night but people came out anyway and we just screamed at the top of our lungs and then we hugged and went on our merry way and it was quite healing.”

The women who went said it felt cathartic to get out the emotions they have been feeling like resentment, anger, frustration, isolation, and loneliness.

The local news said, “After grabbing some light up props, Harmon guided the group to the middle of the field, where they stood in a circle. She had everyone take a deep breath and then just let it out — first just screams and then any curse words that came to mind.”

Just do it – science supports you

If you feel like you’re about to blow, go have a scream. Science actually supports this as a way to relieve stress. It’s not a cure-all but it can help to make you feel better for a short time.

And get together a group of your friends, find an open area, and just scream your heads off. If you do it, let us know how it went.

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