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Mom on TikTok shows reality of nursing

This poor mom on TikTok whose baby favors one breast over the other. If you have dealt with this, you know what it feels (and looks) like.

Abbie Herbert and her husband have a really popular YouTube channel but in this case, she took to TikTok to expose, *ahem*, the reality of uneven boobs because of baby favoritism.

Abbie has an adorable six-month-old breastfeed baby, Poppy. Poppy loves to nurse but only on one side of her mama. Therefore, poor Abbie, in the morning, has her left boob about three times the size of the favored right boob.


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File this under “things no one tells you when you nurse”. When she revealed her bigger boob, oh my gosh, I felt that pain through the video!

There’s a lot of things us moms have to figure out by trial and error, right? But to all those people asking if this is really a “thing” when breastfeeding – it 100% is a thing. You can try to remedy it by pumping just a little milk out of the unfavored boob to try to lessen production, or just pump it all and save the breastmilk.

Either way, it will probably hurt! It’s all part of motherhood.

Thanks, Abbie, for being real and giving moms who struggle with uneven boobs while nursing some solidarity.

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