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Mom of Six Gives Brutally Honest – and Hilarious – Take on Flying with Kids

Jennifer Fulwiler is no stranger to flying with kids. She has six of them and has gone on a comedy tour with the whole troupe. She’s an accomplished author, comedian, and podcast host. And she does tons of hilarious skits on her social media pages, one of which has gained significant traction because it’s so darn funny and true.

The skit is based around what it feels like to be a mom with a crying baby on a flight. Ever have that happen to you? We have. And oh-my-gosh, it’s terrible. We already feel bad that our kid is crying in a super confined space after we’ve tried everything to calm them down – and then all the passengers give us dirty looks for daring to take our kid on the plane. What? Are kids not allowed on airplanes? Can we not take them to visit family, to go on vacation, maybe to take them to a needed doctor’s appointment?

Not only does Jennifer address all of those questions and more, but she manages to be funny and hit on the culture that has led to these dirty looks:


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She talks about how our terrible post-modern sees babies as a burden and expects mothers not to bring them into public places like restaurants, planes, and basically anywhere else. Oh, but when moms do manage to take them into these places, people expect the babies to behave perfectly, which places an “insanely unreasonable burden” on moms. Preach, Jen.

Good Morning America and other major outlets have even picked up the TikTok video.

Jennifer is a former atheist and convert to Catholicism, which she chronicles in her first book, Something Other Than God, which was finalist in the GoodReads Readers Choice Awards. Her following book, One Beautiful Dream, was a Barnes & Noble bestseller. You can find them here.

She’s currently on her Minivan Fabulous Comedy Tour.

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