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Men Need to Champion Their Wives

Our little marriage wagon has been traveling down a bumpy road the last few months with life changes and other stuff, but we are both peacemakers and the time had come to finally divert our course and get off this no good bumpy road.

So…she sat me down. Asked me questions… I asked her questions…. I poured out some feelings and frustrations and she did the same.

We talked for 1.5 hours. Lots of words.  But it was the most refreshing thing for the two of us to chat, hammer things out, and be honest about where we, individually, were at with our feelings, goals expectations, and emotions.

“Ryan, you never get on FakeBook, why are you dropping this in a post?”

Because It’s a big deal.

Men, I wasn’t as good as I thought I was. I wasn’t crushing it like I thought I was. I wasn’t the strongest link in the chain, my chain was pretty close to its tensile strength just before popping. Not good. -but- We talked. We were honest…and I listened.

I feel like my generation misses the boat on a number of things, you know? I think men championing their wives is the greatest deficiency. Love, respect, confidence, a kid’s behavior, and so on is a direct reflection of us loving, serving, edifying, and making things happen for the betterment of our wives, our numero uno. Can the points above be debated? Depends. Depends on where your at in life… Depends on your compass. Depends on your map. Are you lost? You need a map, a compass, and an orientation of where you are, right?

The greatest map is the Bible.

The greatest compass is prayer.

The greatest orienter is Jesus Christ.

So go ahead….

  • Send her a text.
  • Tell her that something she needs to hear.
  • Put the kids to bed early tonight.
  • Turn the game off.
  • Compose and control yourself.
  • Ask her a real question
  • Listen to her.
  • Get your map and compass out, and ask the Lord to steer you in the right direction. Make a plan with her.
  • Then find a buddy to keep you on course.

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