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Kraft is either brilliant or gross with their V-Day pasta

In either a stroke of brilliance or an effort to get people questioning their sanity, Kraft is giving away 1,000 boxes of their new Valentine’s Day Kraft Mac & Cheese that has pink noodles. And the noodles taste like candy.

If you really want one of these boxes for whatever reason, you can enter here.

We’ve heard of parents doing some interesting things to get their kids to eat food, including coloring pasta. But let’s face it, Kraft Mac & Cheese in a box is pretty awesome as it is; we don’t need it to be pink to enjoy the little pasta with fake, but delicious, cheese. It’s tasty.

The company says that “[t]his limited-edition flavor boost will romance your noodles with a new pink color and make them taste like candy.”

“Romance your noodles”?  

Look, we all get that last year was ridiculous and probably made all of us a tad crazier but we don’t think romancing noodles is going to help anything. And pasta that tastes like candy? No. Just no.

That said, our kids would probably love this.

What do you think? Would you serve up some pink candy-flavored mac & cheese for Valentine’s Day?

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