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Feel like screaming? Call this number.

We all have our ways of getting out frustration, right? One of mine is definitely screaming or yelling and I try so hard not to do it in front of anyone, which is where a pillow or my closet or my car in my closed garage comes in handy. Last year gave me – and all of us I’d venture to guess – plenty of reasons to be frustrated. 2021 isn’t doing much better, which is why a guy created a phone number just for people to call and scream. 


Science Says This is Great

There’s actual science to back up screaming for stress relief. Dr. Arthur Janov is credited with discovering Primal Scream Therapy in the 1970s, which he and others after him have found it can possibly lead to feelings of a natural high, less anxiety, and an overall greater calm. Iceland launched an initiative last year called “Let it Out” where people could scream virtually into Icelandic landscapes. 

Seems like this screaming thing may be a good idea, which honestly makes me feel a lot better about getting out my pent-up frustrations.

Just Get it Out

There’s no one on the other end of the line of Just Scream! so you can just call and scream your head off. Or, as some saintly individuals have done, leave a message of hope. Some other people let their kids scream or say whatever they want and others have laughed. You can listen to them here.

Here’s the number for Just Scream!: 1-561-567-8431.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence Just Scream! was founded by an elementary school teacher. His name is Chris Gollmar and he’s also an artist and coder who was inspired by other projects he created where people would call a phone number and leave a message for others to hear. 

He told CNN that he wanted “to find a prompt that people would respond to and screaming seemed to be a good fit!”

He’s not wrong. So if you are just so fed up with whatever is happening in your life right now and just need to get it out – to no one in particular – go ahead and call 561-567-8431. Listen for the beep, scream, and then hang up. 

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