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Just one more day.

Our first order of toilet paper since February.

With a house full of nine people and a work team of 12, toilet paper was a huge discussion topic during the pandemic shut down.

I still can’t really believe the conversations.

Multiple times a day, I would check the apps to see if more quantities were available, if more stock was loaded.

Sometimes as I drifted off to sleep I would grab my phone one last time to check again.


Walmart, Sam’s… even faithful Amazon cancelled my monthly order.

I thought to call it essential and wanted to justify a shopping spree around town, but what we didn’t know about exposure in the beginning coupled with the weight of the lives that depended on us kept me home.

I would wait, I would check online, and I would ask our team to count what was left.

Then I would try not to think about it, and give it back to God.

We cleaned out closets, cleaned out our stash, and cleaned up our organizing skills.

Every cabinet got organized, every spare roll was found, and every flushable wipe and tissue box was found.

I try to stay grateful for what we got out of it instead of being annoyed and frustrated at the issues it caused.

I am human. The struggle is real.

Today the day finally came that toilet paper was delivered to our house.

My kids are acting like Santa showed up in July.

There is an assembly line putting our home back together.

I feel like this is about so much more than toilet paper.

And little by little, thus is how we make it through.

Tara Wall

Tara Wall

Tara Wall is a writer, blogger and speaker of all things life, small business and family. Married 18 years to her husband and business partner Tim, she has raised seven children through bio, step (which we call bonus), and adoption. While fostering and in the process of adopting their sibling set of two, she launched her own website to share her journey in it all. She runs the Children's Ministry Program at her local church and also helps in ministry at the Bible College there. She has written several pieces to advocate for foster care and adoption and has been featured in Discover Smith Mountain Lake Magazine. Her heart is to help other people face difficult challenges in life with an overcoming attitude. She is currently establishing a nonprofit called Project: HOPE to help women overcome addiction and abuse in a long term, faith-based home setting program, and has desinged a T-Shirt of the Month Club to help raise awareness and funds to grow the program.

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