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Jen Fulwiler sketch: Mothers weren’t meant to entertain their kids

If you haven’t followed comedian and mom of six, Jennifer Fulwiler, you’re probably missing out on some good laughs relatable to many of us parents.

Her latest short sketch tackles the ridiculous pressure mothers are under to entertain their kids while taking care of household duties, working, cooking, doing the laundry, shuttling our kids everywhere, and the million other tasks we are supposed to be doing simultaneously.

You can watch the full sketch here:

In her trademark deadpan tone, Jen begins with imploring moms to be there this summer for their kids, to be “good moms”, spending time with them – while handling a kids beach bucket and toys – the “traditional way.” Then she smacks all them away and gives us all a history lesson about how moms used to be only concerned with survival, with taking care of cooking and laundry without any indoor plumbing and that there is zero historical precedent of moms being the primary entertainer for their children.

She told that “I spent so much time feeling like I was failing…I would see references on the internet to how ‘good’ mothers were supposed to do things, and I could never measure up to those standards.”

Catch Jennifer on her Minivan Fabulous Tour, which is now touring the country.

Thank you, Jen, for helping us all put things in perspective.

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