You are currently viewing Bombshell Interview with Whistleblower Nurse Erin about the Pandemic

Bombshell Interview with Whistleblower Nurse Erin about the Pandemic

Regan and Abby interviewed Former U.S. Army Special Operations Undercover Nurse, Erin Olszewski. Erin is a whistleblower who exposed practices that led to the death of COVID+ patients. You can follow her on Instagram here and listen to her full interview below:

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  1. Angela Marie

    This interview with Erin is SPECTACULAR and I can’t thank you enough for making it available to us. EVERYthing the three of you recommend for treating COVID and her/your opinions about the vaccines, I just told my doctor ALL this the other day, including giving her a list of all the things I want to get NOW rather than waiting til I’m dying…. you validated it all for me and convinced me I am not wrong about refusing to be vaccinated. One of my reasons has always been that they do not know the long-term effects of any of them and that they aren’t really helping people NOT get COVID, etc. ad nauseam.
    My doc said no to getting these things NOW because they’re all hard to get, but now I’m going to approach her again with you ladies as my validating backup… I CANNOT thank you enough. I’ve been wanting to find out how to follow Erin and get her book; you’ve answered all that for me. I insist on ONLY females for ALL my health/dental care….. women do EVERYthing SO much better! You gals are proof of this. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!! This was a huge treat.

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