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INTERVIEW: Parental Rights with Jill Simonian

As a parent, what rights do we have? Well, let’s ask Jill Simonian at PragerU for Kids!

But we talk about other things, like taking the weekend off from social media (hmm- that’s a good idea), resources for kids to learn about our nation’s history, and why you aren’t alone as a parent who are standing up for their kids.

We embedded the interview below but first, what is PragerU for Kids? It’s a non-profit digital media website that has short videos to educate people, to get them thinking, on what’s happening in the world. PragerU is conservative and started by Dennis Prager, a popular radio host for decades. PragerU for Kids is all of that, just for kids! It’s brand new, having launched earlier this year, in response to the state of education today that is pushing a more progressive agenda that many families are opposed to.

PragerU for Kids has tons of free videos for kids ages K through 12th grade that go back to the basics of what our country was founded upon.

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