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I do not want the government to make decisions about my body, but I am PRO-LIFE

I am very likely going to make some folks really angry with this post. I know this is a controversial topic, and I do not intend to go into the economics, politics, and ‘rights’ side of the debate. These are my opinions, pure and simple. If we disagree, I still love you. 

Last night, my husband and I ventured downtown for dinner. Not a typical place we frequent, but one we enjoy on occasion. As we drove around, desperately looking for parking, we had no choice but to drive around the downtown square. There happened to be a very large group of picketers. I was curious what their bright and colorful signs read. After indulging my curiosity, I almost wish I had not been so curious. 

The signs I saw were filled with hateful messages in regard to pro-choice decisions. It broke my heart to see the words I read. Referring to the miracle of new life like some sort of light-hearted decision everyone has the right to make. Let me say this. I do not want the government to make decisions about my body. I do not want the government to make decisions about my finances. I do not want the government to make decisions about the way I choose to believe (and live) spiritually. I want to remain independent and able to make my own decisions with no interference from money-hungry politicians that have the furthest from my best interests at heart. 

That being said, I view abortion as murder. I view a fetus as a child. I have lost two babies due to natural miscarriage, and I would give anything to hold those precious angels in my arms. That was not meant to be. I simply cannot fathom making a choice to end a life that was miraculously created in my very human body. 

I know there are bad situations that warrant hard decisions. I know I cannot speak personally to those situations or decisions and perhaps that makes my beliefs appear ‘weak’ and uneducated to some. I also know some dear sweet God-fearing women have had to make the most difficult decision I pray I will never face, for their personal health or the health of their unborn child. I do not judge those decisions. It is not my place to do so. 

I simply wondered what would happen if I went up to any number of the folks standing there, holding colorful signs, if asked: “What if your mother ’chose’ differently?”. I am sure most would have a well thought out answer, or perhaps a two word sentiment in response. But if they really, truly, 100% thought about the answer, could they really advocate the life they were given years ago being snuffed out before it had a chance to become what it is presently? 

I am pro-life. I understand the tenant of being pro-choice, but I cannot, in good faith, advocate for an innocent human life to be revoked. My conscience tells me that is not a human decision. And if it is, then my heart genuinely hurts for those in the position to make it. 

I know this post will likely not change any minds, as few Facebook posts/blogs do. It is not my intent to invite dissention or disagreement. I am simply stating my belief, in what I hope is a more loving way than what was written on the signs last night at the city square. 

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