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Even Superheroes Need A Family

This afternoon I got to celebrate one of my best friends and the adoption of her precious son.

Three year old Christian was placed into the Thomas family’s lives when he was only 14 months old and as they just celebrated him turning three in mid July, they now get to celebrate what they knew all along, what was officially always theirs.

Sweet, precious Christian is officially, by law, their baby boy; but you see, God had this plan so divinely laid out all along.

Even superheroes need a family

What is the best part of this story? The mantra that Christian’s mother has been preaching all along, “Even Superheroes need a family!”

Danielle, her husband Dave, and their nine-year-old biological son, Rhettik, will tell you that Christian has been their Superhero but in reality, these three are really his.

What his adopted mom said

Christian’s forever mother, Danielle, put into words so effortlessly as she recalled the day of her son’s adoption: “August 8th, 2017: Today was the day, the day our heart’s became whole.

During our adoption hearing I was asked a series of questions. Plain questions, such as my name, work place, etc. I was then asked thee most important question of all.

Can you describe you and your husband’s relationship with Hawke?”

This question, this question right here was too easy to answer. As I smiled just thinking of what this question truly means, I responded, “There’s a simple answer for that. Our relationship with Hawke is no different than the relationship we hold with our biological son, Rhettik. While Dave and I may not have conceived Hawke together, the bond we all share is no different than the bond we have with Rhettik.

Anyone on the outside looking in, would never know that Hawke is not our biological child by the way we love him. You see, for me, from the moment I heard his name I knew that this little boy was meant to be our son. I knew that he was destined for our family. Our hearts have become whole because of him. Our family has become whole. So, the relationship we have with him is that of a biological child. We love him just the same.”

This question couldn’t have touched my heart anymore than it did. Hawke is our son and has been our son from the moment I laid eyes on him. Now our hearts can be at peace knowing that our boy is home for good, that he is right where God intended him to be – with his forever family, The Thomas’s.

What we have all been waiting for

All too often, society finds itself in the popular debate of nature vs. nurture. While both sides can present arguable statements, I always find that nurture wins in the end. There is no changing our blood type or our genetics or how we came into this world; that being said, love always wins. Despite this adoption process (as most can take what seems like a great deal of time), the love…well that was immediate.

Yes, there is a Superhero inside all of us. It’s just a matter of whether we have the courage to put on the cape. And yes, even Superheroes need a family, too.

Regan Long

Regan Long is a mother of 5, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and paid family leave advocate. Regan founded The Real Deal of Parenting, an online platform that provides heartwarming and witty content to millions of readers worldwide, a large percentage of those being mothers.

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