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“Elle” thinks there is an abortion doctor shortage but there’s a reason why

Girl power magazine Elle recently wrote all about how there is an abortion doctor shortage in America and not wanting to leave the reader hanging, came up with several ideas of how to fix it.

Latest numbers indicate 90 percent of U.S. counties are without an abortion doctor. Most abortionists fly into states that have no providers, work for a few days, and then fly home. The pandemic certainly changed that and with two big abortion cases pending at the U.S. Supreme Court, abortion advocates are concerned the procedure will be curtailed even further.

Elle offers “solutions”

But Elle has solutions:

  • Force medical schools to provide abortion training, making it “standard care” so students cannot opt out.
  • Let non-doctors do abortions.
  • Remove all waiting periods, ultrasound requirements, and informed consent laws surrounding abortion.
  • Let abortion doctors operate anywhere and be regulated by the federal government but also check the powers of state medical boards.

Here’s why Elle is wrong

There are so many things wrong this piece it’s hard to know where to start. But let’s start with the fact that the piece readily admits that doctors aren’t trained in medical school and that doctors don’t get direct experience with abortion in training. Where are they being trained and by whom? Hundreds of abortion clinics around the country have been cited by state health departments for basically doing shoddy work and endangering patients. Are those the same doctors training new abortion doctors who have prior training in medical school?

The reason doctors don’t have to learn about abortion is because it is elective, and it is not healthcare.

Secondly, the piece admits 90 percent of counties in the U.S. don’t have an abortion clinic. Whose fault is that? The truth is there is not a great demand for abortion. These clinics prey on women to come into the clinic, persuade them their life is over if they don’t get an abortion. If there was a demand (“need”) for abortion, trust me, clinics would be building new clinics solely for the money.

Thirdly, allowing APCs (Advance Practice Clinicians) to provide abortions would remove the mantra that abortion is between a “woman and her doctor” – but I guess we have moved on from that anyway since it is no longer just women who have abortions, right?

Lastly, the author pushes for a federal regulation of healthcare providers. She has no idea what she is asking for. That’s exactly what Whole Woman’s Health went to the Supreme Court over – the regulation of abortion clinics to meet minimum healthcare standards. They argued they shouldn’t have to meet those standards and they won. Abortion clinics are not obligated to meet basic healthcare requirements like wide enough hallways to get a gurney through. Ever hear of Dr. Kermit Gosnell? He’s in prison for killing women at his late term abortion clinic and the EMTs couldn’t get to the patient because his hallways were too narrow. But that doesn’t happen anywhere else, right? At least according to the abortion industry.

Help is available

If you are in need of help and facing an unplanned pregnancy, reach out to Loveline. They can help get you the resources you need and truly empower you as a woman. And if you need healing after an abortion, Support After Abortion is a wonderful organization that can get you the assistance you need. No one is going to judge you, just call or text.

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