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Three little letters…


Only three letters yet they hold so much meaning.

As “mom” we are the cooks, the cleaners, the teachers; some may even be the breadwinner or working multiple jobs.

Heck, some of you may also be the dads.

You’re the secretaries of everyone’s schedule, the party planner, the taxi, the carpooler, the field trip volunteer, the snack stand volunteer, the coach, the peacemaker, the tear wiper, the booboo kisser, the psychologist, the grocery shopper, the bill payer.

The lunch packing mom, the story time mom, the bath time mom, the bed time mom, the early mornings mom.

Three little letters…

It’s exhausting yet so incredibly rewarding, isn’t it?

Some days I want to hide in the bathroom and eat all the chocolate.

Some days my stomach hurts from laughing and my voice is raspy from yelling.

Some days I’m counting down the seconds to bedtime, and other days it’s questionable what my neighbors may have heard from outside these walls.

But at the end of each day when we say our prayers and give goodnight kisses and hugs, nothing else matters. The day is behind us, and we fall into the arms of each other.

Because in this family we forgive and forget and when we love, we love hard!

Moms:  I see you, I hear you; when you want to lose your mind I’m right there with you, because I am you!


Written by Trisha Bender

Trisha Bender

Full-Time Healthcare worker and mom blogger. Trisha is a mom of two littles 1 and 6. She lives on a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus! Trisha captures relatable parenting moments through her blog. In words of Trisha, “Writing has become a therapeutic outlet in this crazy world where we are all just trying to live day to day.” Facebook: IG:

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