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Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and these crafts are sure to keep your toddlers engaged and smiling. Each activity takes only a little preparation, a handful of supplies and, once explained and started, very little help from mom and dad.

Project 1: I Love You To Pieces

Supplies needed:

-Different colors of paper




Recently in preschool, my daughter has learned how to hold and use child’s scissors, so I let her help me with the preparation for this project. I began by drawing a heart and writing the words. Depending on the age and level of your child, they could do this part if they are ready for it. Then, I cut strip of colored construction paper and handed them to her and told her to cut them up into four smaller pieces (working on counting and math skills here!). It didn’t matter that the pieces were different sizes because it adds to the creation and overall artistic nature of the finished piece. If your child isn’t ready for scissors yet, it’s a simple and quick step so no need to stress.

Once all the pieces were cut, we set up shop and she went to work. There is something so thrilling for toddlers when they place glue on something and stick things together (I’m just glad it wasn’t her own hair–though I’m sure that day is coming–that’s like a right of passage as a mom of two girls, right?)

As always, keep wet wipes close by if using craft glue. Note the spilled glue on the table–never fails. And that’s it, project 1 done. I’d say it took her at least fifteen minutes to glue all the pieces into the heart so plan accordingly how you will use your uninterrupted time!

Project 2: Cotton Ball Paint Heart

Supplies needed:

-Cotton balls


-White Paper (though this time I used a thin canvas simply because I had one)


-Heart stencil (I simply cut it out of construction paper)

-Clothespins (or improvise like I did with chip clips)

The prep for this project was also rather simple. Start by cutting out a heart and taping it to the canvas or white paper. Next, attach the cotton balls to the clips/pins. I suppose this step can be skipped, but for little hands they add more stability. Lastly, pour small amounts of each color of paint that you have chosen into a dish or onto a plate so your little one can easily dab the cotton balls into it.

Again, the shop was all set up so she went to work. She began dabbing the paint dipped cotton balls all around the canvas. I soon realized the cotton balls turned into paint brushes and she was doing more brush strokes than paint dabs, but who cares! All I needed to do to help her was encourage her to cover all the space so there was no white left and it was full of color (with each reminder she dabbed some more granting me more time!).

Roughly twenty minutes later, she claimed she was “all done, Mama!” and she immediately wanted to see her masterpiece. However, I suggest you let it set and dry before removing the heart stencil.

Encourage your little one to cover the edge of the heart stencil and that it’s okay to get paint on it. This will ensure a true heart design when complete.
Once it’s dry, feel free to add their name to the middle, a favorite quote, or even their picture.

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