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Discovering Joy in Monotony

Being a stay-at-home mom with small children has provided the luxury of being available for them in their formative years; however there were certainly long, tiresome days of routine and monotony.

Joy and satisfaction at home

There have been times over the years when my children were small that I was severely tempted to throw in the dishtowel in search of a more exciting career outside the home due to the long, tedious hours of cooking, cleaning, and caring for them. Through prayer and stubborn perseverance, though, I remained at home with my children. I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to be there for them.

Despite the monotony and lack of recognition, the work done as a stay-at-home mom can certainly bring much joy and satisfaction. Surprisingly, the reward can come through the same tedious everyday chores and responsibilities which some may think boring and mundane.

The work is being done for a greater purpose

When performed successfully and faithfully for Jesus, domestic obligations can provide with a sense of accomplishment and peace in knowing that you are keeping the machinery of the home life well oiled and running smoothly for the family.

After all, who else is going to wash dishes and clothes repeatedly, pick up toys off of the floor, prepare meals and clean up after each one, and the numerous other tasks which confront an at-home mom each day? These chores are a demonstration of the love you have for your family.

Love isn’t a feeling

As my husband often reminded me during difficult times, “love is not a feeling.” Rather, we show love when we willingly assume the hard jobs; the ones often no one notices. Making sure your husband has clean socks and preparing his favorite meal are not glamorous endeavors; however, they are perfect opportunities to practice the “Little Way” of St. Therese when we offer our work up joyfully as we perform it.

Doing little things with great love can help us to grow in virtue, learn to serve and love more readily, and is a necessary example to our children of love in family life.

Tina Mayeux

Tina Mayeux is the wife of Jude and mother to three girls. She is a transplant to Mobile, Alabama, from South Louisiana who enjoys cooking, writing, and exercising in her spare time. Her articles have been featured at Catholic Digest, Patheos Catholic, and You can find her blog at Diary of a Domestic Church.

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