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Dear Mommy, Please Put Down Your Phone

Dear Mommy,

Mommy, while you were responding to your work emails, I accidentally spilled the milk everywhere as I was pouring it into my cereal. Even though you were angry, I was just trying to be helpful because I knew how busy you were. 

Mommy, while you were scrolling on Facebook I was playing my new game Santa brought me. I know you said we will play it soon, but I guess things got too busy. I still don’t know how to read the directions by myself, and we still haven’t played it yet.

Mommy, while you were texting your friend back, I was asking you to watch me color the picture I was making for you. I stayed in the lines really good like you told me to. 

Mommy, while you were taking our photos, you were too worried about snapping the perfect picture that you didn’t get to enjoy the time before my big performance. I was so anxious over you being worked up over the picture, I didn’t even want to go out on stage. 

Mommy, while you were ordering something I really needed off of Amazon, I actually really needed you to rub my tummy. My belly hurt, and I know it would have felt better if you just could have rubbed it for a few minutes. 

Mommy, while you were posting a photo of me on Instagram, I built the tallest tower of blocks and was waiting for you to look up and watch me. I thought you would have been pretty proud. 

Mommy, while you were talking to a client of yours, I was crying in my room, calling for you. My feelings were hurt today when another kid was calling me names. You couldn’t hear me, but I know it was your important call you had to take. 

Mommy, while you were on Pinterest looking up ways to make my party the best yet, I needed help with my school family project. I so wish we could have worked on it together. 

Mommy, while you were typing up your proposal, I accidentally pulled your coffee down and spilled it all over the floor. I know you were pretty upset with me, but I just wanted to come and sit on your lap.

Mommy, while you were shopping for matching dresses for my sisters and I online, we wanted to have girl time and paint our nails together. You kept saying soon, but then it was time for bed. 

Mommy, while you were on Twitter catching up on the breaking news from your favorite actress, I was trying to tie my shoe and do the bunny ears all on my own. I got so close to tying it all by myself, but you were looking down at your phone each time I looked over.

Mommy, while you were calling your boss back, I accidentally fell over the baby gate and hit my head on the floor. I kept asking if you could open it for me, but you were waving for me to go play in another room. 

Mommy, while you were listening to your voice mails, I was singing and dancing and twirling like a princess. You kept telling me to be quiet because you couldn’t hear your messages. I was putting on a show to make you feel better since you said you were having a bad day. 

Mommy, please put down your phone because, well, I miss you.


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Regan Long

Regan Long is a mother of 5, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and paid family leave advocate. Regan founded The Real Deal of Parenting, an online platform that provides heartwarming and witty content to millions of readers worldwide, a large percentage of those being mothers.

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