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Dear Career-Minded Mom…

To all those working, career-minded mothers, you’re not alone in how you miss your kids, how much you love your job, how much you quit some days, how much you are yearning for the best of both worlds. 

I see the way you long to stay in bed a little longer in the mornings. I see how you wish to be snuggled up with your babies at home or putting them on virtual learning yourself rather than someone else. I see you longing to enjoy your cup of coffee surrounded by last night’s tornado in the living room with dinner still crusted on your shirt and your hair a mess.

I see the way you long to be their sole caregiver. I see the look on your face when you drop your babies off at daycare and school then drive away slightly depressed on your way to work. I also see how torn you are as a career-driven mama because you want the best of both worlds. Being a career-driven woman and mother is not easy and will never get any easier, but you’re doing your best.

I see you while you’re at work wondering what your kids are up to and how their day is going. I see you missing their smiles, laughter, and the moments where they just want their mama. I see the look on your child’s face longing for you and maybe even sad to see you go when you drop them off in the morning. However, I see that big smile on their face at the end of the day when you pick them up and they are so excited to be in your arms again.

I see you exhausted as you struggle to make dinner at night tired from work. I know you just want to relax but now starts the nighttime routine where there’s dinner to cook, dishes to clean, babies to bathe, babies to read stories to, babies to play with , babies to feed, and now you’re left preparing for your own workday tomorrow. I see you packing your lunch, setting out your clothes, setting your alarm clock. You long to watch one evening show but you can’t bare to keep your eyes open for another minute. Your alarm goes off the next day and you muddle out of bed to do it all over.

No matter what kind of shift you work, no matter where you work, it’s hard leaving those precious babies everyday.

Just know that I see you and I am you sitting at work thinking of my babies too.

Keep doing your thing mama. Always follow your heart. You know what’s best and when you suddenly have the urge to take a mental health day, do it! Do it for your sanity, do it for you, do it for your children without any guilt in the world about who’s going to cover you and take your place for the day. There’s only one mama for your kids and that mama is you!

Trisha Bender

Full-Time Healthcare worker and mom blogger. Trisha is a mom of two littles 1 and 6. She lives on a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus! Trisha captures relatable parenting moments through her blog. In words of Trisha, “Writing has become a therapeutic outlet in this crazy world where we are all just trying to live day to day.” Facebook: IG:

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