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As a parent, my wish for 2022 is….

There is just over 90 days left in 2021 (we can’t believe it either) and we are thinking just a bit ahead of ourselves and what we are hoping for next year. So we asked our readers, parents just like you, what they are wishing for in 2022.

Spoiler alert – lots of parents really, really want a normal school year.

Here’s what they said:

“My kids can have their freedom again and be allowed to be children.” ~Kim

“My children would enjoy the freedom of a healthy environment and have the chance to explore things safely.” ~Kat

“We eventually get a medication for covid 19.” ~Uchenna

“As a parent, my biggest wish for 2022 is that my daughter can find some happiness.” ~Heather

“My daughter stays healthy and we get pregnant with our rainbow baby.” ~Katrina

“My children get to have more time at school…” ~Kimberly

“More normal school.” ~Nicole

“For us to have a normal lives again.” ~Alyiah

“That all my kids have a decent chance at a whole year at school.” ~Jacki

What do you wish for 2022?

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