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8 Best Mommy and Me Christmas Gifts

Watching the face of a little girl when she opens up the same gift her mom has is priceless. Even moms love this. Here’s a list of the best of these Mommy & Me gifts. Get ready for some cuteness.

These products were selected by our editors and we hope you enjoy them. The Real Deal of Parenting may receive a small compensation for some of the links. All prices are accurate at the time of publication. Happy shopping!

Bailey’s Blossoms Mommy & Me Collection

Why we love it: The patterns are adorable and the variety and options are endless. They have skirts, sweaters, cardigans, jumpsuits, t-shirts, and dresses. Apparel starts at $15

Discount code: Use TRDOP to save 15%.

‘I Carry Your Heart” Mommy & Me Necklace

Why we love it: This necklace is just the sweetest reminder to a child that her mother always holds her in her heart. Necklace is $48+.

Matching Pajamas from madebytaylornicole

Why we love it: Because matching pajamas are great for holiday cards and family photos if you’re weird and fun like us. PJs start at $32.99.

Mom & Me Art Journal

Why we love it: The journal gives moms and their daughters special time carved out together to work on this together. Get it Amazon for $12.49.

Matching Braids from Madison Braids

Why we love it: These braids are so pretty! And mom and daughter will look gorgeous in matching braids.

Discount code: Use TDROP for 10% off any order.

Mom & Me Cat Eye Sunglasses

Why we love them: Because cat eye sunglasses are super cute and they block harmful sun rays so bonus points. Get them for $11+ each.

Spark & Lily Anklets

Why we love it: The anklets are well-made, unique, and beautiful. And Spark & Lily is a small business out of Ohio that works with women in India to make their products. Anklets start at $25.

Discount code: Use TDROP for 10% off.

Mommy & Mini-Me Floppy Hats

Why we love them: Little ones are probably more likely to wear their floppy hats if mom has hers on. And they are adorable. Get the hats for $69.99.

What’s your favorite mommy & me gift?

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