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18 Things You Need To Know About Your 18 Month Old

1. As much as they are on the go, they still want to be held. “Hold you, hold you, hold youuuu.” Normally they want or need held as you are multi tasking about 43 other things and need that 7th arm you’ve been trying to magically grow since the day you gave birth.

2. They no longer want you to feed them. They enjoy feeding you. Giving you the chewed up, slobbered up crumb of a granola bar that has swirled around in their mouth for a few seconds and are so proud of their sharing skills as they try to place it in your mouth.

3. Bucking and throwing themselves backwards to the point you think they may give themselves a concussion if you lose your grip as they chuck themselves in ways you never imagined a body could move. Hey, it happens.

4. Throwing things. I mean just about anything. Like when they’re holding your cell phone or remote control or some hard object and they giggle as they come for you and wap it right at your head. They are definitely strengthening their throwing arm.

5. Just when you think they learned to sleep through the night, they begin cutting another tooth or get sick. Brace yourself. Sleep is for the weak.

6. Testing the boundaries. They are already wise beyond their years (well technically “one year”) but know more than we give them credit for. Don’t try to fool them by pretending to pour something into their cup that you’re not or sprinkle something on their plate that never came out. Those days are over.

7. They’re starting to slightly come out of the stranger phase and although they still hold tight to Mommy and Daddy in public, they are more inclined to wave hello or bye. Especially “bye bye” as they know “whoever that person is” isn’t taking them and they now get to leave.

8. Diapers are still needed, but what fun are they when they are properly on? They are much more fun to play with running while in hand or to throw in the hamper or in the toy bin.

9. They have their favorites. It doesn’t take a lot to amuse them, but when they find something they like, they will want it or watch it or listen to it over and over and over…and then over again. Just roll with it. Peppa the Pig and Daniel the Tiger can be pretty cool, too.

10. Sharing toys is not yet quite understood. Although the word mine is understood very well. Mine. Mine. And yes, mine is a frequent word in their vocabulary.

11. They’re stronger than you think. If you think they can’t bust through the baby locked cupboards or pull out the outlet protectors or figure out how to get through or over the baby gate, welp…you’re wrong. They can.

12. 18 months old yet cruising in 24 months and 2T clothes. I wish they made a 24 months-plus size and a 2.5T and then things would make much more sense for size.

13. They are still half fearless and although they know the word boo boo or not, more than likely they are still going to do whatever it is that will give them the boo boo or go ahead and go for whatever you told them no about. Make sure you keep your roller skates handy.

14. As much as babies and toddlers and children thrive off of routine and schedule, they still surprise you – every single day. When they should be exhausted, they’re up later or still wake early. When they have reason to be cranky, they’re not. And when they have every reason to be happy go lucky, they’re throwing a tantrum. You have no clue what you are going to get.

15. They are still possessive over Mommy and yes, sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) freak out if Daddy or another sibling touch Mommy. You know, like hug her, kiss her, put their hand on her back. Mommy is theirs. Period.

16. As much as they love to be held and snuggled and rocked and loved on, by God, when they want down, they want down. And now. Like — not safely put down but rather jump out of your arms and free fall to get to who they want or what they want in superhero seconds’ time.

17. They do not like getting their noses wiped, they will throw their dish and cup to let you know they’re done, and when they sleep in your bed they didn’t get the memo about sleeping vertically, but rather like to sleep horizontally across the bed’s entirety.

18. And just when you didn’t think it was possible, they’re asleep in your arms, cuddled on your chest, and you realize they are a day older, a centimeter taller, and a tiny piece of you begins to hurt inside as your baby, well…isn’t really a baby anymore.

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