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11 Best Parent-Recommended Home Remedies for a Sick Kiddo

Most of us parents run to Google for advice when our kids are sick, right? But sometimes the Internet just isn’t as helpful as we’d like. There are so many remedies passed down in families that have been helpful for sick kids. So we asked our readers, parents just like you and I, what has worked for them.

This isn’t meant to be medical advice or substitute for medical advice from your doctor.

Reader Recommended Best Home Remedies for Sick Kids

Chicken, carrot, onion, celery, orzo soap pulsed in a blender. Drink lots of water. ~Liz

Apple cider vinegar socks when fever hits. Change once socks are dry and damp wash cloth on head. skin to skin contact. ~Delanya

Warm apple juice helps with sore throat. So does honey and lemon in warm water after they are 2 years old. Jello helps with sore throat. Vicks inside socks helps with sinuses. Not a lot but a little. ~Linda

Humidifier, detox bath with lavender and Epsom salts. ~Christine

Rice water that’s chilled for diarrhea. ~Amy

Detox baths!! Saved my life when I had a sick baby and toddler. Warm bathe with Epsom salt and baking soda. Let them soak and cloth pat them with the water. Leave them in for about 20-25 minutes. When you dry them only pat them. Don’t completely dry with towel. Wrap them snug like a burrito and give them some Motrin if they have a fever. They will sleep and literally sweat out all toxins. Life saver! ~Michelle

A potato slice on the bottom of each foot over night. Place a sock on to hold it. It truly works. And the sicker the kid the darker the slice in the morning. ~Crystal

For a baby’s clogged or stuffy nose, squeeze an amount of breast milk and apply it on top of the baby’s nose towards his/ her T-zone. I have tried it and has been our first aid since. ~Mayeth

When they have a fever give them a popsicle and put in a lukewarm bath tub. Worked everytime for my kids. Also for teething, let them gnaw on a frozen pancake. ~Samantha

Colloidal silver and elderberry syrup. ~Tina

Stomach ache? Needs to burp or fart? Flat room temperature lemonade! (My mum had me drink this as a kid and it worked great!) ~Angel

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