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10 Words and Phrases We Never Want to Hear in 2021

Welcome, 2021! We’re about give you a laundry list of words that us parents never, ever want to hear this year. Or really, ever again. Can we just leave 2020 and all its terribleness in the past? Please? 

We asked our readers what words or phrases from 2020 they never want to hear again and they gave us a pretty good list that is all too relatable. 

So in no particular order, here’s the list. #byefelicia 


We get it. The year was unprecedented. We. Get. It. 

“You’re on Mute”

We can’t hear you. 

“Out of an abundance of caution…”

This one just makes our skin crawl.

“We’re all in this together”

General consensus is that people hate this phrase. 

“New normal”

Skipping this one forever. 

“Social distancing”

Can we not, please?

“Where is your mask?”/”Did you bring your mask?”/”Face mask required”/”Mask up”

Anything dealing with masks basically.


No surprise here. 


We miss human interaction.

“Remote Learning”/”Virtual Classrooms”

The term “Google classroom” was the tenth most searched term in the United States in 2019. We’re over it.

Wishing you a wonderful 2021 and hoping we’ve heard the last of these terrible compilation of lettters.

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