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As our platform of remaining the #1 largest, Christian, conservative and pro-life parenting platform continues to grow exponentially amidst facing adversity while we speak out in these times of censorship and hate from the other side, we are getting many requests to “partner” with us and/or have access to our audience. Abby and Regan are opening up 30 day, 60 day and 90 day options in order to have your product, business or blog/influencer page shared on their social media sites. They’re likewise offering opportunities to come on their platform to be interviewed by them to share something valuable you bring to the table. 
To inquire about any of these opportunities, please contact us here. We know that with the several million impressions we organically get each week, there are so many valuable products and services our community members would benefit from.

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The Real Deal of Motherhood
Teri Sinnott

America’s Formula Crisis

The world is a scary place right now for moms who are formula feeding. My heart breaks for them. I can’t imagine their fear and

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The Real Deal of Motherhood
Alexis Hall

Still, I Rise

I was told at 19 I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t possibly become a mom and raise a child on my own. At 22, I

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The Real Deal of Faith
Laura Costea

Contentment Takes Courage

I never thought of contentment as a thing that takes courage, until it became increasingly hard to grasp. Last year my family and I moved

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